Award Winning Live Immersion Detox Retreats
Coming Spring 2018
Shake off the stresses and tensions of life with a fresh, green bang!

Reset your body and spirit to prepare yourself for an incredible new year of growth and renewal!

You deserve to start anew. You deserve to experience great health and wellbeing. You deserve to treat yourself right.
Do you want to love your body more and enhance your well-being and energy? At our Immersion Retreats, participants detoxify, energize and rejuvenate mind, body and spirit while receiving world-class raw food training — and many experience dramatic health improvements. Are YOU ready to live your best life?
Lisa Wilson Founder of the Raw Food Institute
I want to again alert and share with anyone you must do this retreat, if you are second guessing this RFI retreat , please don't ! , I'm a living testimony, diabetes and high cholesterol free at age 49.
The Raw Food Institute is simply exceptional. The lectures are packed with shocking and undeniable research in natural remedies including; green juice therapy, cultured foods, medicinal raw foods, supplements, and way MORE! 

Imagine your life changing in just six days

Imagine losing all that weight you’ve been dragging around for years

Imagine feeling full of energy right through the day

Imagine getting rid of bloat, cramps and digestive issues

Imagine your immune system fighting off disease like a warrior

Spend six days immersed in healthy living, mindful conversation, relaxing and rejuvenating activities, and learning a new way of life.


You will experience food like you’ve never known it and a lifestyle that compares to no other.

Delicious, healthy raw meals are included. Cooking classes, how to shop, equipment training and recipes will show you how to do it at home.
Medicinal raw program based on the Ann Wigmore protocol. Repair cells and detox your body. Green juice and wheatgrass shots provided throughout the week.
Learn how to dehydrate, make nut milks and more in our fun, hands-on chef training classes.
Come join us for our award winning immersion program at the Simsbury Inn in Simsbury, Connecticut. We’re located 20 minutes from Hartford International Airport (BDL). The Simsbury Inn is conveniently located between Boston and New York City.
This life changing (6 Days/5 nights) retreat includes:
Classes and activities with Lisa Wilson

All of your meals and detox materials for the duration of the program

Health and nutrition lectures from leading raw food educators

Advanced healing and preventative tools Hands-on food demonstration classes Hands-on workshops in raw food sprouting, juicing, equipment, dehydration, etc.

A one week supervised raw foods detox with medicinal raw and living foods

Over 100 pages of handouts and worksheets

Customizable schedule with techniques to take home

Want to see some pictures?
Yoga, qi gong, auricular therapy and more. Activate your body and mind.
The Raw Food Institute Live Immersion Program takes place at the beautiful Simsbury Inn.
Detox Sauna and Soqi bed treatment included. Massage, auricular therapy and reflexology available for an additional fee.
Jillian Love creates engaging sensory experiences with the fusion of food, entertainment, education and fun. Certified Raw Chef, M. Ed. Counseling, Certified Life Coach & NLP Practitioner. Jillian teaches classes and offers one on one trainings and life and nutrition optimization coaching. She also provides chef services and offers menu development in the USA and internationally
Class Topics Include...
And much more like protecting your immune system, preventing serious disease, hormone health, energy work, removing heavy metals, breathing and meditation, and movement and exercise!
The Raw Food Institute changed my life! I walked away feeling amazing not only physically, but emotionally and mentally as well. My life is so much more rich because of all the information, insight, and relationships I gained while there. It is the best investment I ever made in myself and my family! I guarantee you will not regret the investment either! 
GINA LEDWITH                 
All Inclusive Shared accommodations at the beautiful Simsbury Inn, classes, juice, meals, education materials, airport shuttle from Hartford International and detoxification needs are all included in the retreat program.
Michelle L.
Hi, I'm michelle and I’m from Minnesota, the cold state, and when I first heard about this program it was last April and I had a girlfriend who went through the program and I saw all that energy she came back with and that is really what I wanted.. I was kind of lost, just going through life, just going through the motions of life and not living the my week when on emotions were all over the map things are coming out that I held in for many many years but what I got out on this program was I […]
The Raw Food Institute is an amazing healing experience. Whether you need to lose weight or have a serious health challenge such as cancer, this is the place to go and heal. You will be forever changed by the education you will receive and you will leave with the tools to be able to take control of your health. The time I spent with Lisa Wilson gave me the knowledge to be able to heal my body from breast cancer without the use of conventional treatments. I strongly encourage you to make the investment in your health and attend the raw food institute.
-Carol Christoforatos
RFI was the best thing I ever did for myself. After studying at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition I really thought I knew how to be healthy and how to teach others to do the same. But what I learned at RFI blew all my many years of nutritive education out of the water. It changed the way my family eats, the way I raise my kids and the way I help others to find their optimal health as well. I believe it to be such a pivotal and influential point in my life that I’ve encouraged everyone I truly care about to commit to the week away and learn to properly prevent disease and heal themselves for the rest of their life. It’s an unbelievably eye-opening experience!”
- Christi Flynn
In 2008 I was diagnosed with a recurrence and found myself in Stage IV Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma! Determined to go a natural educated path an alkaline lifestyle became paramount. Along with alkaline water, alkaline foods were a must. Thank goodness my journey led me to Lisa Wilson and the Raw Food Institute. I enrolled in the 7 Day Immersion and Educator programs in October 2011 and have never looked back. I juice every day and follow a mostly raw diet. Today I am 23 pounds lighter and wearing a size 2/4!! Best thing was that the weight loss was actually a surprise and not my main goal. Getting healthy and living a long life was at the top of my heart. Working with Lisa and the Raw Food Institute has educated and supported me, so today I know what to do and do it with the confidence that I am in control.
- Elaine Gibson
“When the student is ready the teacher will appear” and I am grateful that the journey to regain my health led me to Lisa, and the Raw Food Institute. My 7 day raw food detox can only be described as a remarkable experience. Yes the weight loss is a great bonus, but the real treasure for me was the mental clarity, feeling of lightness, and radiance that was physically noticeable after the 7 days. Dealing with a health crisis can be scary, and the most valuable lesson I learned here at the RFI, is that your body has amazing powers to heal itself when given the chance. Lisa Wilson is a beautiful, intelligent and highly motivated woman on a mission to help heal all who come her way.
- Ian Scott
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